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We create connections.

We meet every audience right where they are.

We see you. We hear you. We get you.

Our talks are tailored to resonate with your needs, your challenges and your aspirations.

Whether you want a dose of inspiration, a sprinkle of motivation or just some good old-fashioned life lessons releayed through captivating storytelling, our experiences are made for YOU.

Fight for centerline

Embark us on an interactive and transformative journey where we connect the precision needed in aviation with the everyday challenges of keeping our lives on track.

We'll dive into the importance of staying centered, just like pilots do with the centerline in flying. Think of it as a powerful metaphor for managing the different roles in your life. We'll discuss practical tips, share real stories and strengthen your ability to bounce back in the face of life's challenges. You'll gain practical tools to navigate the crosswinds of life, make purposeful adjustments and stay focused on what truly matters to you.

I'm ready to fight for my centerline

Mo and Katy ... bring the audience in with unique material that is funny, smart and genuine.

-- Angelo Otterbein, Owner, Manor Mill

Internal combustion engine of anything

Rev up for "The Internal Combustion Engine of Anything,” where we connect the four stages of an internal combustion engine with decision-making, action-taking and leadership responsibilities. Learn how strategic deceleration can speed up success in different parts of life. Tangible tips, relatable stories and interactive exercises bring the points to life and burn them into your brain for immediate use.
I want to strategically decelerate now (to speed up later)

Mo and Katy ... got a group who had spent all day sitting in a conference into a rip roaring trivia contest and musical competition ... the jolt of energy and fun YOU need for your next event!

-- Elisabeth Auld, Leadership Symposium Planner


Elevating Communication through Expression

A dynamic workshop showcasing how the most impactful storytellers transcend mere words. We’ll delve into the nuances of tone, expression and physicality, unlocking the secrets to compelling communication.

Led by the vibrant duo of Mo & Katy, this workshop promises an infusion of high energy and interactive experiences. Be prepared for the unexpectedly whimsical, as we seamlessly weave moments of randomness into meaningful teaching points that will resonate long after our time together.

Fear not, this workshop isn’t a grueling endeavor. Instead, it's a delightful journey where tasks will flex your creative muscles, and exercises won't be in vain—they'll be a source of joy in abundance. Get ready to stretch your imagination, have a blast and leave with newfound insights into the art of expressive communication!

I want to elevate my communication


-- Mo's Mom

Speak Strong, Speak Long:

Mastering Vocal Stamina for Effective Communication

Whether you're a speaker, parent, salesperson or engage in any activity that demands vocal communication, this session will equip you with the tools needed to maintain vocal health and build stamina. It's an opportunity to unlock the power of your voice, transform your vocal habits and conquer issues like hoarseness and fatigue. Join us to delve into vocal mechanics, boost your endurance with practical exercises and learn how to protect your voice in daily life.

I want to use my voice more effectively!

Mo and Katy seamlessly wove their energy and humor into the agenda, played off of the crowd, and got a group who had spent all day sitting in a conference into a rip roaring trivia contest and musical competition. Lots of laughs and so many smiles. It was exactly what we needed to pull off a fantastic event. Mo and Katy are the jolt of energy and fun that YOU need for your next event!

Elisabeth AuldLeadership Symposium Planner

I used to listen to Mo & Katy while I walked my dog. Now that they release the podcast on YouTube too I stay at home and watch as Katy pushes Mo towards the line of irreverence. This way, I never miss an eye roll. They’re making my dog fat.

Leta Vander Veen

Mo and Katy have figured out a way to combine their individual gifts of music, public speaking and stage presence and amplify it with a synergistic pop of their big yet approachable personalities — all of which brings the audience in with unique material that is funny, smart and genuine.

Angelo Otterbein
Angelo OtterbeinOwner, Manor Mill

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