Unforgettable Praise

Trying to pen our own testimonials felt like trying to teach a fish to climb a tree –awkward and utterly futile. Then our customers stepped in, wielding words like literary superheroes.

We're grateful for every rave review and virtual high-five. Our aim isn't just to entertain; it's to create lasting memories. Here's to our amazing customers – the true champions of our testimonials!

Mo and Katy seamlessly wove their energy and humor into the agenda, played off of the crowd, and got a group who had spent all day sitting in a conference into a rip roaring trivia contest and musical competition. Lots of laughs and so many smiles. It was exactly what we needed to pull off a fantastic event. Mo and Katy are the jolt of energy and fun that YOU need for your next event!

Elisabeth AuldLeadership Symposium Planner

Mo and Katy have figured out a way to combine their individual gifts of music, public speaking and stage presence and amplify it with a synergistic pop of their big yet approachable personalities — all of which brings the audience in with unique material that is funny, smart and genuine.

Angelo Otterbein
Angelo OtterbeinOwner, Manor Mill

A friend and I attended the live Mo & Katy show. What a hoot! I laughed until my face hurt and then some. Maybe their show should come with a laugher warning! I love how they involve the audience in special ways. They are warm, caring, and very fun people! If you haven’t seen a show – you are in for a treat.

Michele Turner

I used to listen to Mo & Katy while I walked my dog. Now that they release the podcast on YouTube too I stay at home and watch as Katy pushes Mo towards the line of irreverence. This way, I never miss an eye roll. They’re making my dog fat.

Leta Vander Veen