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Step into a world where every moment captivates, inspires and resonates.

We’re an interactive experience blending the strategic mind of a retired Air Force colonel with the artistic flair of a performance instructor.

We collaborate to craft events tailored directly to your desires and aspirations.

Whether it's a team-building event, corporate retreat or special occasion, we empower, entertain and leave a lasting impact.

Let’s redefine entertainment with a legacy of enduring memories.

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Meet Mo,

a retired Air Force Colonel with a distinguished 25-year career.
A trailblazer in every sense, Mo shattered barriers as a woman, proud LGBTQ+ member and half-Asian leader. From the Air Force Academy to becoming the first and only female C-27A pilot, Mo consistently defies stereotypes and redefines expectations. Spanning continents in both the C-27A and Lockheed C-5, Mo also orchestrated logistics for airlift hubs worldwide. Unforgettable Experiences give Mo a chance to showcase her leadership, vision and unwavering commitment to inclusivity. The precision and strategic thinking developed through years of leading military operations seamlessly transition into the world of corporate entertainment. In this new chapter, Mo channels energy into crafting experiences as meticulously orchestrated as global military operations—a testament to an enduring legacy of excellence, diversity and innovation.

Meet Katy,

a versatile professional on a 30-year journey as a voice, music, piano, flute, ukulele and performance instructor.
Whether it’s helping others overcome nerves, an overworked voice, or self-imposed mental blocks, Katy guides with compassion and personalized tactics that have transformed the lives of her clients, ages 4 to 84. Katy is also an accomplished actress and singer, successfully employing the same techniques she teaches. All the world’s a stage, and the boardroom is no different — interactions, presentations and decisions are thrust into the spotlight, creating opportunities to engage, inspire and leave a lasting impression. Katy seamlessly translates invaluable skills from the theater world into the corporate environment, transforming conference rooms into grand stages where ideas come to life, connections are forged and effective decisions are made.

If you’re looking to motivate your organization, energize your conference or generate long-lasting positive memories at your next party, Unforgettable Experiences will deliver!

Through professional development workshops and keynotes, live variety-show entertainment or interactive, high-energy trivia, Unforgettable Experiences will leave you empowered, entertained and educated.

Mo and Katy seamlessly wove their energy and humor into the agenda, played off of the crowd, and got a group who had spent all day sitting in a conference into a rip roaring trivia contest and musical competition. Lots of laughs and so many smiles. It was exactly what we needed to pull off a fantastic event. Mo and Katy are the jolt of energy and fun that YOU need for your next event!

Elisabeth AuldLeadership Symposium Planner

I used to listen to Mo & Katy while I walked my dog. Now that they release the podcast on YouTube too I stay at home and watch as Katy pushes Mo towards the line of irreverence. This way, I never miss an eye roll. They’re making my dog fat.

Leta Vander Veen

Mo and Katy have figured out a way to combine their individual gifts of music, public speaking and stage presence and amplify it with a synergistic pop of their big yet approachable personalities — all of which brings the audience in with unique material that is funny, smart and genuine.

Angelo Otterbein
Angelo OtterbeinOwner, Manor Mill

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