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A friend and I attended the live Mo & Katy show. What a hoot! I laughed until my face hurt and then some. Maybe their show should come with a laugher warning! I love how they involve the audience in special ways. They are warm, caring, and very fun people! If you haven’t seen a show – you are in for a treat.

Michele Turner

Mo and Katy have figured out a way to combine their individual gifts of music, public speaking and stage presence and amplify it with a synergistic pop of their big yet approachable personalities — all of which brings the audience in with unique material that is funny, smart and genuine.

Angelo Otterbein
Angelo OtterbeinOwner, Manor Mill

Mo and Katy seamlessly wove their energy and humor into the agenda, played off of the crowd, and got a group who had spent all day sitting in a conference into a rip roaring trivia contest and musical competition. Lots of laughs and so many smiles. It was exactly what we needed to pull off a fantastic event. Mo and Katy are the jolt of energy and fun that YOU need for your next event!

Elisabeth AuldLeadership Symposium Planner